If you want to save money please pay attention!!!

For all the people coming to Puerto Vallarta to spend there holiday the following.

When you arrive in Puerto Vallarta most of  the time you have a briefing from your touroperator the same or following day. The problem with those touroperators is that they know very little of Puerto Vallarta itself. Most of the time there only concern is to sell excursions and not give any information about like where you can find the busses or what you can visit by yourself. 

They tell you  you shouldn’t buy your excursions at the lokal agents on the streets. And what’s more important for them, you should book your excursions as soon as possible otherwise it’s not possible anymore. Your touroperator can only book the tour for a few people and for specific days. This won’t say the excursions isn’t an other day too. Most of the time you can book the excursion every day a week. They also will tell you you don’t have an assurance booking at the lokal agents. But what you have to do when you make an excursion with you travel agent is to sign a paper that you yourself are responsible for your own safety. 

I can assure you that the best way too book an excursion is with the lokal agents. 

It’s cheaper, very reliable and they provide a great service. 

You can find reliable agents in the old part of the city on the beach in front of hotel Playa Los Arcos. There you can find Jaime Humberto a very friendly young man, Jose Luis c. Ramos bald with a red hat, Pepe Yerenha an older man selling his excursions on the beach for more than 20 years. These people are all very reliable.

In the marina, terminal maritima you can book your excursions at “ El Abuelo” an older man with a grey ponytail, or at one of his colleague’s “ Chon “ . You can find them on the opposite of the marina entrance in front of the internet booth on the left site.

These people are very reliable, have great service and most important are much cheaper than the touroperators. They know more of the real life in Puerto Vallarta and Mexico. So don’t be confused by the sales talk of your touroperator they’ll cost you a lot of money. Save money and book your excursions on the beach or at the Marina. 

Of course you can also book your excursion with me by sending me an e-mail at vallarta4fun@hotmail.com or vallarta4fun@prodigy.net.mx . The prices you’ll find on this internet site.

Please pay attention, the salesman you find in the streets in the little offices work most of the time fore time-share hotels and can’t sell any tickets!!! They may look reliable but this is certainly not true!!!

Have a great time in Puerto Vallarta!!


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