Info about Jeep Tour

Travelling through the Sierra Madre mountains has always been very difficult.
The small sandy roads make it very dusty in the dry season and in the rain season
its almost impossible to do because of the mud.
Are you a littlebit an adventures type than this is the only way to visit the
Sierra Madre by Jeep.

Our first stop will be in a small village just outside Puerto Vallarta.
>From here we leave the civilized world behind us and step back in time.
When we leave Puerto Vallarta behind we continue our way over the sandy and sometimes difficult passable roads. We will pass ranches and little typical
Mexican houses. Here we will see how the people live deep in the mountains and
far away from the civilized world.
I know all about the area and I can assure you, you will see everything there is to see when coming with me on this private jeep tour. You will have a great time!!!

*Every tour is different because mother nature has a lot of influence!!
Rainy season ( Jun - Oct ) Heavy rain falls can cause floods and land slides.Many dirt tracks, especially in the mountains, are closed during and after the rain.Due to lack of bridges, you have to drive through creeks!!


Get the best off Sierra Madre. Driving through rivers Mexican villages and Beatiful sightseeing

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