Questions and Answers


Are all the excursions worth the money?

Most of the excursions are very good, it totally depends on what you like to see or do. Thereís a lot of animation on the excursions like on the boat trips.

Therefore always ask about what and how for an excursion. 


Is it normal to give tips and how much is usual?

Tips are very common and is part of the salary of the personnel.Normally this is between 10 or 15% for dinner. At some restaurants itís already in the bill. When this is not leave a tip when you pay the bill or give it to your waiter. 
At many excursions they will ask you at the end for a ďpropinaĒ a tip. The tip depends on how good your guide or the excursion was. The minimum is 30 Pesos per person.


Do I have to take US dollars with me?
You can always pay a lot of things with US dollars. Itís also possible to change euroís into pesos.

 Whatís the best valuta to pay with?
At a lot of places you can pay with US dollars but you can better pay with the lokal Peso.

 Whatís the best place to change my money?
The best place to change you money is at an exchange office. Youíll find them everywhere. Make sure you get the best rate. The bank wonít change any foreign valuta.

Is it possible to get money with my euro card? 
Yes this is possible for a maximum of 4000 peso a day!

Is it possible and wise to pay with  my credit card?
Yes itís possible but they charge 5%. Watch out because thereís a lot of fraude with credit cards.

Travel documents.

Do I have to take a copy of my passport or travel documents?

This is something I would surtainly do, keep it in another place then you passport or travel documents. When you have a copy and you lose the original you will faster have a replacement.


Wich protection do I need?

The best you can do is use a sunblock for the first days, the sun is very strong.Make sure you have good protection and prevent sunburn.


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