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If you are a diver who does not enjoy diving with crowds or cattle boats and caremore for safety and the environment, then Pacific Scuba and you share the same philosophy. We differ from the others.
We are a current P.A.D.I. Divecenter, D.A.N. Sponsor, and the proud founder of the Beach and Bay Underwater Clean Up.
This means that we meet all safety requirements and educational standards including environmentally aware diving.
All of the things that a diver should expect from their dive company. Oxygen on board, an octopus with all regulators, a ratio of 4 divers to 1 certified divemaster, a maximum of 8 divers per fast boat, and soft weightbelts for your comfort.
The rest mother nature provides, just beautiful water and marine life.
And by the way, our prices include all of your gear, lunch and drinks.
Pacific Scuba is a "no frills" diving company catering to divers.


Don't Teach your Trash to swim !!

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Get the best off Sierra Madre. Driving through rivers Mexican villages and Beatiful sightseeing

Daily tours to * San Sebastian * Mascota & Talpa de Allende * Talpa & Guadalajara (2days) * and more