Information about Puerto Vallarta

The Bus

The citybusses are no longer “chickenbusses” anymore, at least I didn’t see any chicken lately in the bus. For only 4 Pesos you can already catch a bus.
When you come into a bus you pay directly to the chauffeur, pay the exact money, and then- if it’s still possible- sit down.
There are two different routes from and through Vallarta: Center and Tunnel.
The South bus takes you for 4,5 pesos to some beautiful beaches like Mismaloya or Boca de Tomatlan.
ATM ( Autotransportes Medina de Puerto Vallarta ) leaves from there own terminal on the Brazil # 1410 ( southside Sportcentre ) every 7 minutes to Punta de Mita and every 10
minutes to Nuevo Vallarta.
You can take busses at The Bital Bank, Plaza Las Glorias and at Sam’s ( see city map ).
Prices are Bucerias 9 pesos, Nuevo Vallarta and Valle Banderas 10 pesos, Destiladeras Beach 14 pesos and Punta de Mita 18 pesos ( el Anclote Beach ).
The more luxurious busses are the intercity busses, you can find them at the central busstation “Central Camiones” just on the other site of the airport. Here you can take the bus to almost every big city in Mexico,tickets are also to buy in the centre, reservation recommended.


Most people think, at least in Holland, that “Manana” means tomorrow but most of the time the people in Mexico mean “not today” by saying “Manana”.

Buenos Dias: Good Morning
Buenos Tardes: Good Afternoon
Buenos Noches: Good Evening

Shaking hands is what you do the whole day in Mexico even when you see the same person three times a day you shake hands.


There are different ways to send or check your e-mail. Most Hotels have internet services and there are cyber-cafe’s around every corner. Prices from 10 to 45 pesos for one hour. In most cyber cafe’s you can use your mail 15 minutes for 15 pesos.


In the Puerto Vallarta area you can do a lot of excursion, it really depends on what you like to do or see. There are a lot of different excursions so the best you can do is ask your lokal agent or check the different ideas on this site.


Tips are very welcome in Mexico, usually its a part of the salary, not included by the ones they work for. Normally a tip is between 10% and 15%. In some restaurant is everything included, when not you can leave your tip at the waiter or where you pay your bill. At the end of an excursion they usually ask for a “propina”, a tip. How high the tip is depends on the way in wich you are satisfied with what you got for your money, the minimum is 30 pesos per person.


There are a lot of dokters in Puerto Vallarta, for emergencys you can go to the best hospital there is the “San Javier Hospital”.
Good service and they speek english.


In Puerto Vallarta they take a quick nap in the afternoon, the Siesta. This means that some local shops will be closed between 14.00 and 16.00 hour. Bars and restaurants stay open. The shops who don’t have a siesta are open from 10.00 in the morning until 21.00 at night.


The beaches in the Banderas Bay change from month to month, the changes depend on the waves and the current. After the storm “Kenna” in 2002 the seabottom and beaches are still changing and recovering. Most of the time it takes over 6 months to recover the coastline.
Even without a storm the beaches change from season to season. When you will come back after a few months you can see the changes and nothing will be the same as before.

Some Beaches

Los Muertos, the most popular beach from Vallarta but surely not the best sand and space!
Most of the times it’s very busy in the weekends and holiday’s.
Hotel zone and Marina haven: These beaches became smaller since the “visit”of Kenna, the storm even left a lot of rocks on the beach.
Northside, here you can find the most beautiful beaches. Destiladeras, El Anclote en Punta de Mita have fine sand and are longer, wider and some places have great waves for Boogie Boarding.
More beautiful beaches you can find in the north like Sayulita,great waves for surfing, and San Francisco.

Children who live on the street

You certainly will meet some children who offer you “chicles” or other things to buy. Some can even almost force you to buy. All these children were send out on the street to work by there parents. There are different projects to help these children in Puerto Vallarta.
Help us Help these children!!! Not by buying anything from them, don’t buy Please!!!
If they can’t sell in the streets they will search and find the help offered, this is the only way for these children to have a future.
So help us to send these children to school, by not buying or giving them anything!!!


Taxi’s you can find anywhere 24 hours a day. Prices depending on were to go.
Lokal zone 22 pesos
Outside zone 29-62 pesos

Downtown to Marine Terminal 46 pesos
Downtown to Airport 62 pesos
Nuevo Vallarta 130 pesos
Boca Tomatlan 86 pesos.

Making a Telephone call

There are different ways to make a telephone call. Prices from normal to very expensive.
Calling from your hotel is possible but most of the time expensive. Collect call also available but you will never go on holiday again if you see the bill at home.
Most cheap ways are:

>From the internet cafe ( when possible )
Buy a long distance card MCC almost sold anywhere.

Time share

And Yes, we also have time sharing.
This means you buy an appartment for many years but only for some weeks a year.
Watch out!!!!
The “time share people” are at many places like the Malecon and little busy streets.
They offer you trips for low prices but first you should talk to them for 3 hours or even a day!! There are people from time share who work onder other names like: Native Art Gallery and Museum, Artisans at Work, Handcraft store and a new one is Mayan Archeology.


Throughout time Puerto Vallarta became a nice place to get married.
When you want to get married in Puerto Vallarta make sure you have the proper papers, a religious wedding is not authorised !
For more information you can send an e-mail to or call to
Mexico (0) 322 255989


Puerto Vallarta is a real Party Town, whatever you look for we’ve got!!! Disco, Jazz, Rock & Roll, Latino/Salsa, Gay and of course the real mexican Mariachi music.
Remember that the local people don’t eat before 21.00 hours so in the bars and disco’s it will be quiet before 23.00 hours. At the “Malecon” there are lots of bars and disco’s every one off them open till early in the morning. A lot of bars have there “happy hour” hours this means two drinks for the price of one. Compare prices in the different bars
Over the bridge, south of the Malecon you can also find many clubs, bars with live music and lots of restaurants. Speaking about restaurants there’s something for everybody, Mexican, Cuban, American, French, German, Swiss, Greek, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanees, Chinees, Vegetarian, Italian and lots more.


In Puerto Vallarta you won’t find much criminality. Some care break  in busy times like holiday season, christmas and easter most criminals are from outside Vallarta. The police takes strong action against these people. There are special police forces for tourists, man aswel as women, you can recognise them by there uniforms, white shirt, short pants and a white safari helmet.


The police with the dark helmets is traffic police, with the black baseball helmet is citypolice.


There are many launderettes and they are very cheap, 33 pesos per kilo, for washing, drying and folding up.
Usualy they have a quick day service.


Never drink water from the tap, always buy bottles. Even when the info from the hotel tells you you can,watch out! Maybe the water is ok but the pipes and filters are very dirty!

Water Taxi’s

The water taxi to the south you can take at many places.
Centre Rosita Hotel to Yelapa 100 pesos per person.
Los Muertos beach to Yeleapa 100 pesos, no wet feed but a long ride.

Or you can take a normal taxi ( 100 pesos ) or bus ( 4,5 pesos ) to Boca de Tomatlan and from there the water taxi to Yelapa 60 pesos.


Sunday afternoon and sunday evening you can find family’s, groups of boys and girls and lots of tourists on the Malecon the promenade from Puerto Vallarta.
The local people meet there friends and let the children play here. Children will be spoiled that day!! There are salesman selling corn and many little booths.
You really should go there on sunday!
Weekends there’s often a show at the little theater “Los Arcos”.


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